Insider Trading & Other Ethical Blind Spots in the Workplace

The front line of running a hedge fund or investment firm has never been a more complicated and hazardous environment in terms of the potential confrontation with regulators and risk.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Enhance your compliance efforts beyond the traditional “bolt-on” set of rules and procedures.

  • Optimize business performance and maximize the odds that a firm can prevent or withstand a rogue employee or incident.

  • Develop a vigorous and bulletproof compliance regime



  • Better understand the costs and consequences of ethical lapses, and how to confront and address the blind spots calibrated to those realities.

"Invaluable. Provided a riveting perspective on regulatory enforcement as it affects each of the relevant stakeholders. This is now an annual event"

- $4B Multi-Strategy Hedge Fund

About the Trainer

Michael Kimelman

Expert on disruptive innovation and personal disruption

As a former big firm lawyer with Sullivan & Cromwell, a successful PM and hedge fund owner with over a decade of ‘trading desk’ experience, and a high profile criminal defendant for the last 8 years, no one out there has the level of legal skills, trading experience, and real world criminal justice experience I do. That is the Tradecraft advantage.


I’ve also privately consulted and mentored dozens of high profile traders who were investigated or arrested, giving me intricate, first-hand knowledge of nearly every major securities fraud case over the last decade.


As a complement to existing legal, audit, and regulatory compliance, I provide owners, traders, and compliance departments with a vivid and stark reminder of the stakes involved. I do this through a dramatic re-telling of my story to frame the brutal consequences that black, or even ‘gray’ behavior can have. This stark reminder brings home the realities of the trading desk, giving greater meaning to the hypothetical world of law firm memos and compliance procedures.

After all, I was not charged with any pattern of illegal trading. I was charged with a single trade so unremarkable that I could barely remember it.

And still, it destroyed my life.

The Tradecraft Triangle

No other law firm, compliance department, or consultancy has the unique combination of skills and experience – what I call The Tradecraft Triangle™ — to educate, mitigate, and insulate owners, traders, and compliance from a potentially devastating regulatory event.

"There wasn’t a day of my life up until the minute this happened that I ever thought something like this could happen. It was unimaginable."

- David Ganek, Former owner of Level Global

What I will Convey in a Training Session 

is exactly what it feels like when a routine work decision made years before — which you don’t even remember very well — becomes the sole focus of your existence and the linchpin of your fate and your family’s future, what it feels like when the crushing pressure of a federal indictment comes down with all its force.


By sharing the unique perspective of my own perfect storm, I help firms better understand the costs and consequences of ethical lapses, and how to confront and address the blind spots calibrated to those realities.


Tradecraft is centered on helping financial firms grasp the true realities of today’s complex regulatory landscape and how day -to- day decisions at the owner, trader, and compliance level can either diminish or maximize a firm’s ability to thrive from a regulatory and business perspective.


Having spent the last two decades living, breathing and navigating the high-risk intersection of law, finance and government regulation from both a trader, fund manager and the defendant side of the battlefield, there is no one else out there with this unique and valuable perspective.


While you might have a robust compliance department and program, is it understood at the front-lines of business where rules, policies and procedures meet the behaviors? My experience and journey is here to help you calibrate those programs to such realities, and to leave a lasting reminder.




Based on my decades of experience and the incredible story described in the bestselling memoir, "Confessions of a Wall Street Insider: A Cautionary Tale of Rats, Feds & Banksters,", the conduct training presentation typically takes 45-60 minutes followed by Q&A

  • Opening story about my fateful surprise meeting in the Steam Room @Equinox

  • $100,000 cash under the table!

  • Raj Rajaratnam’s journey from our greatest ally to a devastating albatross

  • My personal & professional background

  • How I rationalized isolated decisions that ultimately led to me being an FBI target

  • The pre-dawn FBI Swat raid and arrest at my family’s home

  • The govt’s sweetheart offer - plead guilty to one count and receive no jail time and no fine

  • My decision to go to trial

  • Life in ‘suspended animation’ - the years between my 2009 arrest and my 2011 trial

  • The Trial and Sentencing - “This really could’ve gone either way.” - Judge Sullivan

  • The controversial Judge Sullivan decision and him being overruled by Newman

  • Best practices for improving decision making and avoiding ethical lapses

  • Current high risk areas for MNPI and other ethical breaches

  • Q&A

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